Parent Handbook

Camp Balances

  • All camp balances must be paid in full by June 1st. If they are not paid, your child will not receive their camp bag or calendar and they will not be picked up on the first day of camp.
  • Camp tuition is non-refundable after June 1st.

Camp Bags

  • On the camp bag will be the name of your child, their group, the name of their bus, and the time they will be picked up, (For Example: David Dweck 8A, Baseball Bus 8:42AM).

Bus Policies

  • Each child must be waiting outside 5 minutes prior to the time written on their bag. If your child is not at the stop waiting for the bus, the bus will leave without him/her.
  • Each child will be picked up in front of their house; unless you live on a dead end street (ex- Lehman, Crosby, Runyan, Plaza Ct, etc…) then you must bring him/her to the corner.
  • If a bus is running late in the morning or afternoon due to any reason, an email or text will go out regarding how far behind schedule it is. So, if an email or text is sent that the Basketball bus is running 15 minutes late and your bus usually picks up at 8:15AM then the bus will be there 8:30AM.
  • If your child needs to be crossed the bus counselor will get off the bus and escort your child.
  • To be fair to everyone if your child is picked up first in morning they are dropped off first in afternoon
  • No food or snack is allowed on the bus (See food policy below).
  • If an incident arises on the bus regarding your child, Please call camp office 732-660-8020 immediately or text or email me so we can respond to it quickly, safely and effectively.

Drop Off Policy

  • Campers must be met at their bus stop by a parent or guardian. If no one is present to receive camper, the child will be taken back on the bus to camp at the end of the route and a parent must pick them up.

Bus Changes 

  • There will be NO bus changes the 1st week of camp until Thursday July 7th. All bus changes must be made on  the app dismissal Details will follow in email a few days before bus changes take place.

Food Policy

  • Due to many allergies and the dangers involved we are a NUT FREE camp.
  • No outside food or snacks may be brought to camp unless you receive special permission from the nurse or camp director.
  • Snacks are given out daily: chips or crackers , as well as ices at the end of the day
  • There is also a snack bar where additional snacks can be purchased.

Camp Dress Code

  • Every child must wear their camp shirt to camp so we can easily identify the child when we pick up in the morning on the bus and for trip purposes.
  • All campers MUST wear sneakers to camp. Flip Flops and sandals are prohibited.
  • Lil’ Sport Parents (ages 3-5 yrs old) – Please send your child’s bag packed with the following:
  1. Towel
  2. Bathing suit (if they are not wearing from the morning)
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Change of clothes
  5. Flip flops for swim ONLY! – make sure they are wearing sneakers from the morning.

Camper Disciplinary Policy

  • We are a sports camp which means 3 strikes and you’re out!
  • First offense: Warning and a call to parents
  • Second offense: 1 day suspension from camp
  • Third offense: Immediate expulsion from camp
  • Extreme behavior that endangers the safety of campers or staff will result in immediate dismissal with no refund of camp tuition. Extreme behavior includes any type of physical harm to another child, cyber bullying, destroying camp property, or disrespecting any authority figure
  • If a child is dismissed from camp due to behavior, fees will not be refunded

Birthday Party Policy (In & Out of Camp)

  • If your child is having a private birthday party outside of camp during camp season it is a MUST that all children in the group be invited. Group lists are available upon request.
  • If you would like to do a birthday party in camp, we now have a new service that makes it easy with one phone call coordinator. Details will be sent in email regarding what you need to do in order for it to be arranged. Please email to set up arrangements.

Valuable Items Policy

  • We are not responsible for any money, jewelry, electronic items such as iPads, iPods, or cellphones.
  • Recommended money for trip days: $10-$20
  • Recommended money for camp days: $2-$4

Cell Phone Policy

  • Children may have cellphones as long as they are kept inside their bags. If a cell phone is used in camp it will be confiscated.
  • First offense: Cell phone will be taken for the day and a call to parents
  • Second offense: Cell phone will be taken for a week and a call to parents
  • Third offense: Expulsion from camp

Sign In & Sign Out Policy:

  • All parents must sign in their child if they are not arriving on the bus
  • If you want to pick your child up from camp you must first inform the main office through text (732-660-8020)
  • No child may be picked up from camp without first being signed out in the main office.
  • Only a parent may sign out a child unless the office is informed through email to or

Parent Contact With Senior Staff

  • Any problems or concerns regarding your child should be emailed to the appropriate division head.
  • Problems or concerns may include trouble with a counselor or another camper, eating issues, or any other issue pertaining to your child within his/her division.
  • Send an email clearly detailing your concern and a number for the division head to contact you on.
  • Division heads will receive your email and contact you as soon as they can. Keep in mind they are taking care of your children during the day and may get back to you after camp hours. If it is a real emergency to contact division head please call the office at 732-660-8020. Emergency means if there is an immediate physical or emotional danger to your child.

Staff Directory

David Dweck, LCSW
Camp Director

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Dr. Teddy Chattah
Director of Staff and Programming

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Diane Anderson

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Sophia Bagdadi
K-1st grade Division Head

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Danny Ash
2nd-3rd grade Division head

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Frieda Sabbagh
4th-5th grade Division Head

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Rosy Shamah
6th-7th Grade Division Head

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Sharon Esses
8th-9th Grade Division Head

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Patty Shrem
Secretary & Office Manager

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